HabitUK Can help all hunters from the beginners just starting out or if you are an experience hunter. what ever your hunting experience we have the right equipment for you. 

Pigeon hunting, Pigeon shooting takes a lot of work to be done successfully it takes a lot of preparation and planning. For success in hunting sports you need strategic hunting equipment and one of the most important of this is decoys. 

What is  the difference between a new hunter and a experienced successful hunter?...usually his tools and his techniques. you will work out over time which hunting strategy works best for you with which equipment. 

Pigeon shooting is an enjoyable sport in the great outdoors spending your day at one with nature but it is more than just a sport. But it is also used in the agricultural industry. 

Our wood pigeon decoys come with a range decoy accessories to suit every farmers, hunters and pest controls. 


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